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About Us

CardJolt!  It’s not about us. . . it’s about you!

CardJolt Inc. is out to solve two problems:

  1. Unemployment in the US
  1. Lack of sales for 20 million salespeople

Using our product, CardJolt, thousands of unemployed

people, stay at home moms, college students, non-profit organizations and aspiring

entrepreneurs can transform a stack of paper business cards into an

instant mobile business.

Think about it! We all have stacks of business cards laying around.

Using CardJolt, you can convert each paper business card into a mobile app

for the business.

CardJolt even includes Near Field Communication, QR Codes and BUMP (TM)

to make the app go viral.

Viral Mobile = Happy Customers = Happy Business

We can HELP the  unemployed and over 20 million direct sales people.

If you are in sales,  join CardJolt!

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Current Product Status

We are in Alpha development phase.

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